Monday, November 21, 2011

I plan on finishing the arms and ribbing on this over the weekend.    Perfect guest entertaining knitting.  
As  for the non knitting, dinner is in the works.  I am debating trifle or no trifle, as my new cake dish/trifle bowl beckons from the shelf above, and a great recipe in this weekend's paper tempts me.   Never having had it before, it might be a hit, or could just be way too much unappreciated work while everyone chooses pie.  

I may debate dessert, but the drinks are all set.

You all may remember my friend, the Wine Fairy?  I had lunch with his wife this week and it seems we knitters aren't the only ones who decide to periodically destash.    I now have an entire medley of rums and vodkas to play with, some of which are pretty amazing (and a few that are somewhat questionable).  

I'm especially excited by the cranberry, raspberry and spiced pear vodkas.    

 I see more martini experiments, as soon as I get my new martini glasses.  

I'm not entirely sure what to do with the flavored rums, but I'll put those away till summer, when weird freshman girl flavors might just seem appropriate in things like daquiris and milkshakes.  

For now, let's get back to the fall flavored vodkas - just in time for Thanksgiving, because you need something to make, right?

 This one is going to be our pre-turkey cocktail.  Pretty light, a nice cran-orange flavor and just enough kick to get everyone settled in and socializing, right?

Cranberry-Orange Pre-Turkey Cocktail

 2 oz Cranberry flavored vodka 
1 dash of orange bitters
2 oz cranberry juice
orange flavored seltzer  or ginger ale to top it off (both worked well)

over ice


If you prefer something festive and not berry flavored,  the St. Germain comes in handy again.

It's great with white wine and a twist of lemon.    Really easy too.  Just add 1 oz of St Germain to a nice dry white and serve.
I added ice, but that's only if you want to.  




QuiltedSimple said...

oh wow - think i need some cranberry vodka (we've been sticking with cherry lately) - could give all our guests (all 24 of them) drinks and maybe they wouldn't notice if the bird isn't perfect...? And LOVE that new sweater!!! said...

I visited the Boston area a few years ago and we stopped into Nashoba Valley Winery. They have this concoction called Foggy Bog, a sort of cranberry liquer I guess would be the best way to describe it. It makes a heck of a martini with regular vodka, I imagine with the cranberry vodka it would be even better!


Seanna Lea said...

I think trifle is one of the more forgiving dishes out there, so even if people ignore it in favor of pie they will come back and have some later (to ensure that they are full to bursting).

Martita said...

TRIPLE 8 VODKA IS THE BEST. I don't even like vodka, but someone gave me the Triple 8 orange vodka & it's like drinking a creamsicle. It's now a household necessity.

Heidi said...

Ohhhh Triple 8. That's my hometown Vodka. What a marvelous idea. Unfortunately with the lovely state store system in PA I can't get the Vodka from my island. Still nice to see someone else will be enjoying it for the holiday. Have one for me!!!

Patty said...

Oh those cocktails look delicious. And I saw that trifle recipe too and thought the same thing! It did look pretty yummy though. Enjoy the weekend!

pat said...

Our family loves trifle and yours will too. Fast trifle with no baking is SaraLee Poundcake,instant pudding, fruit, and whipping cream. Oh yeah - not as good as a cranberry martini but seriously yummy. Happy Thanksgiving!

jessica said...

-Suggestion for a rum drink when you get around to trying them. Horchata & rum, a wonderful pairing.

ps. Horchata is actually very easy to make I learned by watching a youtube video. cheers ;0