Thursday, December 29, 2011

Many years back, my father in law and his wife realized that Christmas was the perfect time for a pair of Jewish grandparents to get all their kids and grandkids over for a visit.   They decorate their house and  have a tree and hang stockings.   We all bring presents and  make lots of food and have a big holiday, even though none of us is the least bit Not Jewish.  

There are lots of people in the house, and it feels like there are just as many dogs.   (Really, there are only 3.  There used to be 4.)

This is Moose, who is not camera shy and manages to get at least a part of himself in every photo taken over the weekend.     He doesn't fit in most spaces, but it never seems to stop him.  

This is Howie.  Poor Moose has to endure a lot during his visit, and maybe he's a little too accomodating, since this is not an isloated incident.   I'll spare you the rest of the photos, but I kind of had to post this one, which summarizes both Poor Moosie's weekend, and Crazy Howie's entire personality.   

Aggie, the third dog, is a Husky who everyone loves.  She is very smart and stays faaaar away from Howie.  Usually with a piece of furniture between them for buffer.

Here is my holiday haul.  Doesn't  it seem my family is onto me?  I'm an easy theme to buy for!

I've already begun playing with the Peychaud's bitters, which I hadn't tried before.  They're kind of different - a little like Angostura bitters, but not really - if you put a little on your finger, you can tell these are a little lighter and more herbal.  In a drink, it's hard to tell one bitters from another, so I always do a little finger drop first.

Yesterday I made one of these with it:

2 oz pear vodka
4 oz pear cider
3-4 drops of Peychauds
a good squirt of lemon
fill glass with club soda

It was the perfect drink to do a little afternoon knitting with. 

Hope you guys had a great holiday!
If anyone had an amazing drink on their travels, do share it....


QuiltedSimple said...

Poor Moose! But way too funny. Sounds like your in-laws have the right idea:)

Kym said...

Moose looks very tolerant! :-) What a wonderful way to celebrate with your family. Happy holidays!

Mandy said...

I made egg nog for the first time, using Bourbon like Alton Brown said. It was delish. I don't think I ever had store bought egg nog before, so now I'm spoiled for life.

Thea said...

Yes, I love Egg Nog with Bourbon - I've never had the Not store bought kind, it's just too easy to buy it!

Kristen said...

Hey, you're not alone, there's a Howie in every family.

Batty said...

Home-made egg nog is amazing. I posted my recipe on my blog a couple of years ago. I love it because it's essentially a custard -- the eggs are not raw, so no worries about salmonella.

I love the idea of Jewish Christmas -- I'll take any excuse to bake and cook and get together with people. Maybe it's time to start a whole new set of ecumenical holiday celebrations...

Tricia said...

I was just at another website that had instructions on How to Make Cocktail Bitters and immediately thought of You! (Free but have to log in.) I know you just got some bitters for Hannukah/Christmas but thought you may to want to go wild some day.
Anyhow, Happy New Year!

Thea said...

oooh, Tricia, thanks! Will have to check that out :-)

Ness said...

Sounds like a great time! What thoughtful gifts too! I didn't imbibe much over the holidays, but my favorite winter drink is a good ol' Tom and Jerry. I wish I could find the mixes in the Midwest, but maybe it's just a west coast drink? I guess I could take a cue from you after all this time and make it myself too.... :D

Renee said...

Always nice to get together over the holiday season with family and friends, and pets. :-)
Happy New Year!

Ellen Mason said...

Mixed drinks, humping, and knitting. This place is so much fun.