Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Absinthe is a pair of long, delicate gloves, with a retro nod to the 1960s. ( I imagine Kim Novak or Grace Kelly wearing a cream cashmere pair of these with pearl buttons.  Peeking out of their 3/4 sleeves on a fur-collared, cream-colored, A line coat, gripping the railing on the train, and knowing the murderer may be her leading man, with whom she's fallen in love.)    

The glove photos are Caro Sheridan's lovely work, copyright 2011 Splityarn.

But I'm designing for me, so this is a more everyday version of that glove.  A deeply dyed merino and some vibrant buttons give the classic lines a playful boost and a modern feel, for those of us not trying to survive a murder mystery.  I was hooked as soon as I saw the deep teal yarn in the Miss Babs booth at Rhinebeck, and started thinking about button flaps as soon as I found these sweet little buttons in stash.

Caro again, used with permission.

A delicate 1x1 ribbing is edged with a narrow belt, and leads into a long cabled glove.  The staggered cables have a bit of  unexpected lace in each loop, allowing you to put a layering pair of gloves beneath for a pop of color and added warmth.  Or.. going with the mysterious Absinthe/mystery theme, a little surprise.  I couldn't resist adding a second button band over the end of the cable, so if you aren't wearing 3/4 sleeves, your buttons can still show.  I used two larger buttons at the wrist, and two smaller, more delicate ones on the hand. 

And once more, Splityarn.

The yarn is Miss Babs Northumbria DK, in Teal.  Her colors were gorgeous at the Rhinebeck booth, but this deep bluish green was my favorite, and I may have left the fairgrounds with 4 skeins, in a few different yarn weights. Maybe.  Anyway, this Blue Faced Leicester DK is superwash, and it's a little wooly too, which is perfect for a workhorse accessory like a glove. 

The pattern is available for purchase on the sidebar above or on Ravelry for $6.50.   
Some details are below, and more information is on the pattern page. 

Yarn:  Miss Babs Northumbria DK, in Dark Blue Teal.  240 yds per skein, I used 1 skein.
Needles:  US#5/3.75mm long circs or DPNs or size needed to get gauge.
Gauge:  5.5 sts, 7 rows per 1" .  In stockinette, lightly blocked,
Size:  Small - 7" wrist,  Large = 8" wrist.   Length is adjustable.  


As for a cocktail with absinthe...  

For those of you who really want to play with the stuff, this book has a few great ideas.   For the Hitchcock inspired gloves, though,  I have to go with Death in The Afternoon.  It was Ernest Hemingway's contribution to a 1935 cocktail book titled, "So Red the Nose".  Ernest calls for an entire jigger of absinthe in his recipe, and also suggests you drink 3-5 slowly.   I'm toning it down a bit.

Death in the Afternoon

  Pour 1 oz of absinthe in champagne glass
Add iced champagne.
I've seen a few recipes that also suggest a squirt of lemon juice, so give that a shot if you like.



QuiltedSimple said...

Lovely! ANd I need new gloves (lost mine last winter) so maybe if I knit myself some new ones we won't have a winter?

Laurie said...

That cocktail is well named. And the gloves bring handknit new elegance. The button detail is unexpected, beautiful.

Turtle said...

both r lovely! will have to try the cocktail as well... love absinthe!

Zonda said...

Just love those gloves!! Might have to try that drink one day too!

Tante J said...

I love them even more today than I did yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Love these! If I ever make gloves again, this is it.

Sara said...

Love these! If I ever make gloves again, this is it.

Hilary said...

I looooove these *and* the idea of wearing them with 3/4 length sleeves. Uh oh, now I have another project for the queue and a mad desire to go vintage shopping...thanks a lot! :)

And, oh man, Absinthe brings back many, many memories of my college days. My roommate and I were obsessed with Moulin Rouge and I remember more than one evening spent with the Green Fairy in which we also sang the entire M.R. soundtrack at the top of our lungs. And then there was that time my friend John and I were SO EXCITED to be able to order Absinthe at a real bar in England (they hadn't made it legal to sell here yet)...and the bar cut us off after 4 shots. They cut us off! Thanks for bringing back those memories...even though the memories of the next-day headaches have also come back. :)