Tuesday, January 17, 2012

About 15 months ago,  I released a pattern called Dark and Stormy.  The design was a collaboration with The Plucky Knitter, and the cardigan was our version of the the kind of cardigan your Grandpa may have worn years ago.  It was designed in  a lovely deep dark gray, which Sarah created especially for the sweater.

The minute I started working with her, I knew I'd found a kindred spirit in all things yarn-related.    It turns out we have similar taste in clothing design, an affinity for cocktails, and she creates a yarn that is absolutely habit-forming (to which I am now admittedly, and happily, addicted).  So, that pile up there grew from one sweater to a few more projects over the past year, and there are more in the works.   It's been a lovely partnership, and I consider myself extremely lucky to be working with her.

But Plucky is way out in Michigan and I'm here on the East Coast.  Although we have the phone and the internet, we don't get to see each other in person.  So, we figured a combined trunk show would be the perfect excuse to do so, right?

Plus.... we asked  Cecily Glowik MacDonald  of Winged Knits to join us!!  She's done a few Plucky designs with Sarah, and all of her designs are just beautiful.  So, we'll have lots of sweaters, a bunch of Plucky yarn (while it lasts), and our patterns for sale.


And yes, there IS a drinks angle.  I'm not actually licensed properly to serve all of you, and neither is the yarn shop,  But...

Pairings, the wine and food shop next door,  hosts a tasting on Saturdays from 4-6pm, ,and has posted that they are doing a Funky Grapes tasting this week, with unusual wines you may not have heard of already.  I love this particular wine shop, and it works out perfectly to browse the yarn store, knit for a bit to kill some time, and then pop on over.  Doesn't it?


 I hope you can join us!  It's always fun to meet a few of you in person :-)
January 21, 2012
Trunk Show/Yarn Sale, noon 
Another Yarn
600 Main Street, Winchester MA  
781 570 2134,  email: info@anotheryarn.com

Wine Tasting, 4pm 
600 Main Street, Winchester MA
781 721 WINE, email: info@PairingsWineAndFood.com

Both are right near the commuter rail stop in Winchester Center.  Look for Breuggers Bagels, and they are next door.


Ruthcrafts said...

Sounds like so much fun! It'll be a wish-I-were-there thought until you make it across the pond :)

shanalines said...

Any idea how late this will go? I hope to make it!

Thea said...

My guess is that the yarn will be sold early, but that we will be there for a bit. Cocktails are at 4, after all.

Turtle said...

:) except that 3000 miles and a blizzard coming tonight separate me from them... bummer!

yoel said...

Oh, sounds like a blast! Could you do a traveling trunk show, and visit St Louis?

meppybn said...

Just told Cecily that I wished I lived closer!! - sounds like the perfect evening :) :)

Kym said...

I was so hoping you were going to say. . . this one would be in Plucky's stomping ground and you'd be in Michigan. . . (Maybe someday.) :-)

Thea said...

Yes, Kym and Yoel. There's a chance I'd be up for some travel in the future...

We will start by seeing how this one goes, though!

Kristen said...

Oh I wish I lived closer to you! Come to northern California!

Seanna Lea said...

I enjoyed your trunk show at Snow Goose, and wish I had realized that this one was today! I hope you had a good turnout!

Samantha said...

Thea! It was great to meet you today! I'm looking forward to making your Narragansett and it was really great to get your input on using two colors to make Collins.