Monday, February 20, 2012

  So far, we're 3 days into February Break.  For those of you lucky enough to have actual plans, this may mean skiing or a trip somewhere beachy and warm.   That was us last year, not so much right now.  This year, it's me and the girls here at home for 9 days straight.  We have a jaunt to Salem planned,  haircuts for everyone, some kid playdates, and I do hope to work on some knitting.  The excitement is less than palpable, and we have to fill our days somehow until school starts up again.  So, I have a few drinks for you.

 The first is courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, who ran a full page story on how to make a Manhattan.   This kept us busy for one night, along with a few terrible made-for-TV SyFy disaster movies (Stonehenge Apocolypse, anyone?) 

The paper ran sort of a mix and match menu:  1. pick a whiskey, 2. choose a vermouth, 3. throw some bitters in it.  
We have a good selection of all three, so it led to a few combinations and a "try this" kind of night.

In the "4 tips for a Better Manhattan" section, they added the following:

1. always stir, never shake
2. invest in better cherries (this does make a difference!)
3. give it a twist (see below - this is always an excuse to make another citrus drink afterwards)
 4.  chill your glasses before filling them.


All good advice for a tasty drink.   
And a good way to watch a really BAD movie.

 So that was one night down....   

Sunday, we decided to go up to Maine for a little impromptu visit with old friends.  Waiting to meet them, I  had one of these Monty Python beers, which was surprisingly good.  (The label says it's tempered over burning witches).  While waiting, I also watched the bartender whip up a few Pabst Blue Ribbon and Tangs, which were just scary.  But apparently popular, because she made three in the time it took me to have this beer and wait for our table to be ready. 
Back at the house there were a few more drinks - also worth sharing.  Our friends like their liquor clear - and vodka is a fave over there.  We brought this Ruby Red Vodka and Squamsco half and half soda, from the Route 95 New Hampshire Liquor Store (never drive past without stopping in!  It's tax free :-))  The soda is half grapefruit, half lemon and not too sweet, so it was perfect for mixing.  They were good and definitely worth trying if you happen to have either of these things lying around.  I think Whole Foods may carry the same soda or ones just like it, as I imagine it'll be hard to track this one down.
Zoe is not having one of these.  She's having milk and a brownie in the background, yes,with earmuffs.  It's cold in Maine.

On the way back today, we realized another day was yawning out in front of us, so we killed a few hours at dim sum.  Although not a cocktail, you do have to see these guys.  Little fried melon snacks.    Who knew?

6 more days to go.   Am sure more drinks will follow soon!


Seanna Lea said...

I imagine that many parents stuck without plans for their children this week are seriously contemplating drinking. Yours look like a lot of fun, but the melon thing is way more fascinating to me. I've only done dim sum once, because it's so hard to find good vegetarian options.

Evelyn said...

It's hard when you see empty days looming ahead but as you love concocting cocktails, have you thought of doing the same with your girls -- virgin-style drinks, of course. It could be like experimenting (think science!) and you'll have new drinks for the girls to enjoy. I grew up on dim sum so I could eat it everyday still. Another thought: teach your girls a new craft everyday?

QuiltedSimple said...

Wonder if I could do the half and half with cherry vodka? I have lots of that here:) We only had 4 days of (thank you lord)...not sure I or the kids could do 9 days in a row in february, but then again, it was 48 here today...

janna said...

PBR and Tang? I drank much Tang as a child and much PBR is college -- it was our cheap beer of choice -- but I'm not so sure about them together...

And.... winter break? This is not something we have where I live now (Iowa), where I grew up (Illinois), or where I lived most of my adult life (Texas). A day off for Presidents Day (and in Illinois, we also got Lincoln's Bday separately) but not a whole week!

Estella said...

We just finished our "stay cation"...hang in there it gets better. Baking is always a good time killer. I also trekked into NYC with my daughter which was fun. Trust me by the end of the week you'll ask "where did the time go?"

Local Egg said...

I've been on a Manhattan kick lately! I've been doing them with bourbon and rhubarb bitters. Yum. ANd, yes to the good cherries!

Turtle said...

lol, what a nice trip, I want your beer label!!