Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Introducing Chambord,  a cozy pullover for late winter. 

This sweater has a drapey cowl, a beautiful cable and deep ribbed details along the edges.  It's knit in a soft tweed and is meant to be worn with a little tee shirt peeking out below.   It's a very classic sweater that would go with almost anything. 

All photos by Caro Sheridan and used with permission, 2012 Splityarn!
The shaping is engineered to hide that bit of late winter weight we all seem to notice by February.  With that in mind, the length is shorter, the fit a little looser, and the ribbing begins higher, and then angles slightly away from the body.   Other details, such as the cowl, cable and cuffs, draw the eye away from the tummy and give balance to the shorter silhouette.  

The outer cable is one I saw a while ago on a friend's thrift shop sweater and loved.  It did take me a few tries to get a version of it that I liked, but I'm happy with this one, even if it's not so much the same as the original.....   It's worked on a stockinette background, which allows it to blend into the body of sweater along the outside edges.   This less distinct quality is kind of perfect in the Felted Tweed.  

The sweater is designed top down, so if you are lucky enough not to have a tummy to hide, or just feel a different shape is more flattering on your body, it's easy to alter the length or the width as you like, and try the sweater on as you go.  A few of my test knitters did play with proportion, and you can see their sweaters on the project page once they post their photos.

If subbing yarn, almost any aran weight tweed would look lovely, but I suggest one with a nice drape and some softness, so the cowl will feel good on your neck.  A soft aran weight merino, like Sublime's Merino Silk Aran would be gorgeous.  Berroco Ultra Alpaca would also work well, or a subtle heather or hand dyed yarn.   I'd stay away from anything stiff or scratchy, or too vareigated, as the cables would be lost.   Do check gauge if you are subbing!

The pattern is available on the sidebar above or on Ravelry for $6.50.   
A few details are below and more can be found on the Ravelry page here:
Yarn:  Rowan Felted Tweed, Aran in Plum  
Sizing:  32(34,36,38,40,42,44,46,48,50) 
Yardage: 850(900,950,1000,1050,1100,1150,1200,1250,1300) yds.
Needles:  #8/5mm and #9/5.5mm.  I suggest long circs for the body and DPNs for the arms


As for a drink, I experimented with Chambord a bit and think it's best simply in champagne.   It tends to remind me of cough syrup in a lot of the recipes, so maybe I'm just not a fan, but in champagne, it's got a nice balance.

Except the booze pics, which I take myself...
Chambord and Champagne
1.5 oz chambord
add chilled champagne

That's a really easy one, yes? 


Carmel said...

Yesssssssssssssssssss!! It's wonderful!
Hi ho Hi Ho into my cart you go!

Ariane said...

Beautiful new sweater! Congrats!

Dani said...

Very pretty Thea!!

TheOtherSarah said...

I love it! Straight to the top of the queue for when I have some time to knit again (new baby means my hands are rarely free).

Lyn Collett said...

I'm a bit in love with this! Once again I'm fighting the urge to buy yarn or dive through the stash to find something that might work. If only I didn't already have so many things on the needles...

Seanna Lea said...

This looks lovely. I'll have to keep it in mind once I've finished my current pile of knitting (which admittedly was increased last night).

Anonymous said...


Evelyn said...

This is a great design. I'm petite with a short torso (long legs) and am partial to cropped sweaters. On top of that, I love turtlenecks and cowls so you can imagine how excited I am to buy this pattern and cast on! Congrats.

madforknit said...

This is another great one. You know, I've got some Felted Tweed in the stash...

Hilary said...

What a beautiful design! The outside cables are so pretty and unique...I don't think I've ever seen cables like that before!