Wednesday, February 22, 2012

  The good thing about a vacation-less break is time to get a few things done.  Both girls had friends here yesterday, so they were happy to be ignored.   I decided that any exercise or housecleaning wasn't going to happen, so my day was free and clear for knitting progress. 


This project began when Hayley and Sarah came out to visit in January, and Hayley wore a great pair of  lacy legwarmers just peeking out of the tops of her boots.  We discussed and planned.  A little slouchy, a little cabley... And a week or so later, some Plucky Sport in this lovely shade of Bisque arrived in the mail.  I think Bisque will look great sticking out of any kind of leather, and can be layered on almost any color of stocking, so I kind of love this color.  As of yesterday, this pair is looking pretty done.  The knitting is finished, the ends are woven, the chart is complete and the pattern is almost all written.  I just need a name, and the idea of Verner's is really sticking in my head.   It seems a fitting time to name something for the Dimond girls and their family - and Verner's is something I very much associate with them.  So we'll see where that goes, and suggestions are always appreciated.

With that in my pocket, I turned to Charleston Tea over here.  It's the beginnings of a spring hoodie,  finally out of the notebook and on the needles.  This one's been giving me a run for my money.  Some projects are just that way - the sketch had been done, the math had been figured, and the motifs had all been swatched,  but for some reason, the casting on wasn't happening and the details kept changing in my head.  Putting this here or that there changes things, so I couldn't cast on until I knew I had a plan I wasn't going to revise again.

But, a little free time yesterday... and I think I like where I ended up, so I cast on and have enough done to think I'm not about to frog for a new plan just yet.  The yarn is again Plucky Sport, and this colorway is called Lincoln. ( Like a copper penny!)

All that work, and I definitely deserved some company and a drink, so I decided it was time for one of MY friends to come over.   That's  Ashley sitting behind those glasses in the stripey scarf.   She's someone I used to work and hang out with waaaaay back in my post college, single ad agency days in San Francisco (20 years ago??).  And she just happens to live a few blocks away and happens to have a daughter just Zoe's age.  And she appreciates a good cocktail. (She's partial to St. Germain, truth be told)  Kismet, yes?

Anyways, we had these last night and they were definitely good enough to share, so... 


Ginger-Orange-Basil Drink

2 oz of orange vodka (or plain vodka with a good squeeze of orange and a slice tossed in)
2-3 basil leaves muddled in the glass with the vodka and some ice cubes
pour in most of a can of  ginger beer
add a few drops of orange bitters


Not sure what today will bring, but I'm guessing some progress on Charleston Tea and another drink by dinnertime.


Dani said...

Ooo, I like those legwarmers! Let me know if you need a quick test knitter :)

QuiltedSimple said...

You need a love button'm building up my stash of plucky sport:)

Seanna Lea said...

I love your drink here. It looks much more like my speed, because I cannot drink anything too strong.

Kelli said...

Lovely leg warmers will look great with boots! Name suggestion - Maybe "Boston Cooler"? It is a milk shake made with Vernors Ginger Ale and vanilla ice cream. Love your patterns!

yoel said...

Ooh what a cozy color! It looks like Eggnog to me.