Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vodka Lemonade is a springy cardigan with a vintage vibe.  Seed stitch and lace details add texture and a feminine touch, and the classic styling ensures that it will go with jeans and a tank just as easily as it would compliment a sundress.  

Photos by Caro Sheridan, Copyright 2012, Splityarn

Since it's top down, the pattern is easy to modify for your shape.  You can play with the width, length, waist shaping or the sleeves without changing the design.  And if you prefer to wear your cardigans closed, there's plenty of room in the seed stitch panels for a few buttons.

This idea began with the seed stitch.  I wanted to play with ribs in my seeds and loved the way these lines pop out of the texture on both the reversible collar and the raglan seams.  The YOs just made it springy.

And then a bit of lace.

   The yarn is Serenity DK, from Zen Yarn Garden. It's a soft merino cashmere mix, and it comes in some really lovely colors.  The stitch definition is great, it was a joy to work with, and the weight is perfect for a delicate cardigan like this one.

 The Lemon Twist is a very distinct yellow, with a perfect balance between edgy and pretty.  It's the hint of gray throughout that keeps it from being too girly and gives it a modern feel.   There are a whole slew of different colorways available as part of  the Vodka Lemonade pattern kit on the Zen site. (Check out the blood orange.  It's amazing!)  Kits are available by size, and will include both yarn and a copy of the pattern.


For those of you with yarn in hand, Vodka Lemonade is available on Ravelry for $6.50 or on the sidebar above, and details are below. 

Yarn:  Zen Yarn Garden Serenity DK, Lemon Twist.  250 yds per skein.  
Sizes:  32(34,36,38,40,42,44,46,48,50,52)
Yardage: 750(800,850,900,950,1000,1050,1100,1150,1200,1250,1300,1350) yds
Needles:  US#5/3.75mm.  Long circs for the body and short circs or DPNs for the sleeves
Gauge:  5.5 st, 8 rows, per 1".  Swatch is stockinette, lightly blocked. 


For those of you who are thirsty, make a Vodka Lemonade to go with your knitting!

(I don't have a photo this time, since the girls drank the last of the lemonade before I got to put it in a pretty glass. It's been warm and sunny here, so I should have seen that one coming, even though I warned them to stay away from it.)

4  oz of lemonade or San Pellegrino Limonata (if you like bubbles, which I do!)
2 oz of vodka
 Peychaud's bitters
Pour the vodka and lemonade over ice in a glass
Add 2 shakes of the bitters. 
Stir and drink!

Happy Knitting!!


Manise said...

Beautiful Spring cardi! Your link to the Zen Yarn kits is not working btw.

Patty said...

Once again...just beautiful!

Hilary said...

Fabulous! The seed stitch is such a neat touch and I love how you've placed eyelets along the raglan lines. Love a good vodka lemonade, too -- one of my favorites! (Though I've met very few vodka drinks I didn't like.)

Kristen said...

It's a beautiful sweater. I just love the rib detailing within the seed stitch collar. Very tempting, but I think I'm going to hold out for the summer hoodie!

Anonymous said...

Lovely sweater. As always your details are terrific.

Dot said...

A lovely sweater which I have just started. I am puzzled by the sentence in the WS set up row that says - Purl to each set of seam markers and repeat. I am not used to knitting top down sweaters, and need to know what to repeat> I can't continue until I know what Iam doing, so I hope after your wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, you can help me. And thanks very much.

Cindy Keesom said...

Hi - I am stuck at this point too. Could you please explain what is to be repeated. Do I reverse the order of stitches to complete the row?

Cindy Keesom said...

Hi Dot. I'm stuck at the same point you were in your post and haven't received a response. Have you? Or were you able to figure out what the instructions meant by "repeat"?