Thursday, May 17, 2012

 Seeing as the cat's out of the bag over on The Plucky Knitter's website, it's time to publish!

 Introducing Charleston Tea, a fun hoodie with a feminine edge.  This one is for throwing on after a long summer day, when the air cools down and cocktail hour approaches!  It's cozy, easy to wear, and a little sporty.  Lace adds a feminine touch, while allowing a little air in or a bright summer tee shirt to peek out.  It's knit top down, with 3/4 sleeves, a comfortable fit and a hip length.  And, as always, it's easy to modify to suit your shape.  

Caro, Stitchy, and I tried it out on a cold and windy day at one of our local beaches.  In fact, we drove around many of our local beaches, but ended up at this one, in Nahant. It worked just fine, and the cardigan absolutely got a "when the air cools down" trial run!  

Although perhaps I should have made a coordinating headscarf in anticipation of the coastal winds?  Next time...
(And yep, all of these lovely photos are by Caro Sheridan of Splityarn and used with permission) 
The yarn is The Plucky Knitter's new Primo Sport in Lincoln - a color that will look fabulous next to a summer's tan!  Just like the Primo we all know and love but a bit more delicate in Sport.  I love this stuff.  And Lincoln is that perfect bronze of an old penny.


The lace details from the back are echoed on the fronts and hood, and look lovely in the subtly vareigated yarn. 

For the hood, stitches are picked up along the neckline once the body is done. It's nice and cozy - with a rounded top.
(I'm not a fan of pointed hoods, so that was an important detail for me.)

The Charleston Tea pattern is available for $6.50 as a PDF, either on Ravelry or the sidebar to the left.

Kits, including both yarn and the pattern, will go live on the Plucky Knitter's website this Sunday at 9pm Eastern.  She has six gorgeous colorways available - including Lincoln.  You can see the photos and details on her page.

 All the pattern details are on Ravelry, but a few are below:

  • Yarn –  Plucky Knitter Primo Sport in Lincoln.  1400(1450,1500,1550,1600,1650,1700,1750,1800,1850)yds
  • Sizing   –   32(34,36,38,40,42,44,46,48,50)
  • Needles –  US #5/3.75mm. 29”circs for the body & button band, 16” circs or DPNs on the sleeves.  US#4/3.50mm.  24 or 29” circs for hood.
  • Notions  –  Darning needle, stitch markers, waste yarn or stitch holders.  6-8 buttons, about 1” in diameter
  • Gauge    6 sts, 8 rows per 1” in a stockinette swatch, blocked.

As for the drink recipe,  Charleston Tea is a cold tea punch, from a cocktail book Sarah and Hayley gave me. (How appropriate is that??)  I've altered the recipe a little bit to make it for a crowd, as I think it's great for company!  This should make 6 servings, so adjust accordingly.

Charleston Tea

6 oz light rum
6 oz dark rum
6 oz Cointreau
6 oz lime juice
6 dashes of angostura bitters
ice cubes
handful or berries
half orange
6-8 mint leaves
a pot of berry flavored tea,  steeped and then chilled
muddle the berries, mint and ice cubes in a pitcher with the liquors. 
Add the squeeze of orange and the bitters and stir
Add the tea to the pitcher
Garnish with mint and zest of orange



Evelyn said...

I have to knit this sweater ... will put an alert on my calendar for the 5/20 kits date! Thanks for another gorgeous design.

Ellen Mason said...

You could wear it with a dress,
you could wear it with the rest,
you could wear it when your hair is all a jumble and a mess!
Dang, that's a good sweater.

diana said...


Janelle Wertzberger said...

You have done it again, Thea! I love this pattern. Now, how to jigger the queue...

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