Saturday, May 12, 2012

I had Maya, Zoe and Maya's buddy Margaux pick three random comments!  

Congrats to:


I think a Mojito sounds good after a day at the beach, even a pomegranate mojito just to jazz it up a bit.


A Jack and Ginger (Jack Daniel's TN honey and ginger ale). It's nice, easy and adds that little blush to your cheeks. Cannot wait to see the release.


probably gin and tonic... if you'd asked a month or so ago, it would have been a 7 & 7 (seagrams and 7up) but drinking gin is just too much like drinking a pine forest to pass up recently! 

Have just returned from NH S&W and am running back out the door, so will put your patterns into Rav libraries tomorrow AM.  Thanks so much to everyone for playing - you made me restock the gin supply around here with all your tasty ideas!

Since we still have a few days before the release and this was so much fun, so I think a Round 2 will be in order midweek!   

The question will be different, but the idea the same.   3 free patts to random responses - I do love getting OVER 200 COMMENTS! 

happy mothers day all of you :-)


Dorothy said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am beyond thrilled. Thank you so much! I did accidently give you the wrong ravelry id. It is acmcgowan and not admcgowan. email is Sorry, I am going to play the mommy brain card on this one. Sweet WWCM is only 9 weeks... Again, love your work!!! Oops, baby is awake. Must have heard me celebrating!

Dorothy said...

I totally passed by you at the Sheep and Wool Festival today, but was too shy to say hello.

The new sweater looks gorgeous!

knucna said...

In Switzerland it's mother day too :) Happy MD !

Sandy said...

Congrats to the winners. Though I don't know what the contest was...obviously blog walking too late. But, it sounds like it was fun, after all it involved beverages as we say.

Susan said...

Following the theme of the original contest, I would say my favorite after beach drink would be a nice white wine (not necessarily limiting myself to just one!). Chardonnay, pinot grigio, chablis - I'm not fussy! The little peeks we've had of this pattern make me think this would be high on my "to-do" list. I'd love to win a free pattern, and I just LOVE Plucky Knitter's yarn. I
bought a good bit of it when she was at Another Yarn back in Jan - but not sweater quantities. Good excuse to buy more yarn.

Deb C. said...

are there any wine bottles with sheep or yarn as a logo? I wouldn't care what it taste like. I buy at least one bottle.

Thea said...


Kathy said...

awesome for the winners, and for a second chance! happy moms day to you as well!

Patty said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day to you. Looks like another beautiful pattern Thea!