Monday, July 16, 2012

 Just a few.   We started up in San Francisco and worked our way down to LA.   There was knitting, but it's secret stuff, so I'm keeping it under wraps for now.   However, we've been back three days, so time to blog and get organized, right?


We started North of SF, and did some hiking in Marin, where the views are great from the hilltops, and the grass is not as soft as it looks from the 101  


Spent a day in San Francisco proper, where we were reminded how beautiful our old home is and were amused to find that the Muni still breaks down, and you still end up walking everywhere, which is more fun anyways.

Found a hidden beach near Monterey with beautiful shells and seals in the water.  We never stopped in Monterey itself, since it's turned into a batch of tee shirt shops and Bubba Gumps.


Found a random beach on the coastline down south, with flowers in full bloom.  This path went down to the beach and I may have taken 100 photos of these flowers while hiking down there. 

Used the bathroom at the Madonna Inn, where we spent the night.   Last time I was here, it was blue, gold and mosaic.  The men's room had a stone grotto instead of a urinal, and was decorated accordingly. 

Liberace would also like the dining room down the hall. 

We stayed in the Pony Room.   I do have photos of us on the pony.   

After the Madonna Inn, my camera gave up the ghost and I forgot the charger.  So I have nothing to show you from the boat ride in Laguna, an afternoon in  Hollywood, a day at Zuma Beach, avoiding rush hour traffic on the rides at the Santa Monica Pier -- or of the days spent at my inlaws' sweet hilltop pool in Calabasas.   However, I am tan and now rested and have much knitting to do.


Christina Toppen said...

Looks like you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing. Love your designs :)

Seanna Lea said...

But, but, your vacation report doesn't say anything about what you drank!?

Thea said...

Mostly beer and wine. I wasn't in charge, and I didn't have my kitchen full o' supplies.

There WAS margarita at a Mexican place in Laguna though, and a cucumber lime fizzy gin thing that someone brought me poolside at the Claremont Hotel.

Kristen said...

I'm glad that you had a good time in California! But I balked at your comment about Monterey! We love it there and visit often, you just have to stay away from Cannery Row (which actually still has it's historical merits, but you have a lot to overlook) Monterey has beautiful sand dunes, lovely parks and neighborhoods, museums and original adobes. Give it another try.

Thea said...

Kristen -- next time! We only drove thru Cannery Row --