Monday, September 17, 2012

It's been so long since I managed to actually post about a cocktail that the photos are getting backlogged in the camera.

So, today's a good day to catch up, right?  I've just shot my next two patterns, I have a sleeve left on the needles for Rhinebeck, plus a neckline to finish up,  I am writing up a November pattern, and am in the midst of sketching for Dark and Stormy #2.   So, knits are in the works, but very little of them are in any kind of shareable form.  The drinks, however are absolutely ready to be shown.

 This drink was a Delmonico #2. 

1 dash  of orange bitters,
 .5 oz of dry vermouth
1.5oz gin.  
Garnished with a lemon peel (and a squirt of lemon juice).

It's a sipper - and the perfect excuse to use these pretty etched glasses.

But sometimes you don't want to sip.   So, we decided to celebrate the end of summer with traditional Cape Codders.

  I'd forgotten how good these are. 

Cape Codder
1.5 oz vodka
5.5 oz Cranberry juice
slice lime in half - squeeze one half  and plop it in. 


And last weekend, we had a little brunch before meeting Caro for the latest BabyCocktails photo shoot.

And wouldn't you know it?  The brunch joint had a do it yourself Bloody Mary bar!  Who am I to say no?

  Especially when the pattern being shot IS actually Bloody Mary.  I got a little practice in towards making the perfect drink.

I made this one with lemon, tobasco, a little horseradish, and all kinds of crunchy stirrers.  The two left in the shot are asparagus and celery.   In New Orleans, I had Bloody Marys with sugar cane as the stirrer and cajun spices on the rim.   And occasionally, I've had them with worstershire sauce added.   I have to think a bit more on the perfect mix, so if you have any mystery ingredients you love in yours, do let me know!  

The pattern will be out in Oct, so there is still time to plan.


Kristen said...

Can't wait to see what you've got for us!

Seanna Lea said...

I'm not big on the breakfast drinks, but that might be that I considered it a bad idea to have a drink at a bridal shower where I might then be tempted to say the wrong thing.

Do you have a pattern for a Midori Sour yet? Those are delicious!

Kate B said...

I love Cape Codders! I was at a hotel bar in NYC over the weekend and ordered one. The bartender had never heard of a Cape Codder. Maybe it is only us New Englanders that call it a Cape Codder?

Thea said...

Kate B -- it's officially listed in Mr. Boston's as a Cape Codder (and although it's misleadingly CALLED Mr. Boston's Guide, I do consider that the classic cocktail "cook book"!) Maybe he just serves more Long Island Iced Teas.....

J said...

The ultimate crunchy stir in for the Bloody Mary down south is a pickled ocra. OMG so GOOD.