Saturday, November 10, 2012

First, what's Off the Needles.   This is my original Black Cherry Lambic, which I've always loved, but wished was just a bit longer.   So, before Rhinebeck I ordered one more skein of Plucky Primo in Bashful and put an extra 14" onto the scarf, for a final length of 70". The added length allows me to wrap around it my neck and still get nice long, woofy textured ends for hanging down.   It has now replaced all my other neckwear and I never want to take it off.   In fact, I took the scarf off the table after photographing it and am wearing it again - indoors, with a tee shirt.   And I bet I"ll keep it on for the rest of the day because it just makes me happy.

Also just Off the Needles is this orange number you see on the bottom of my little yarn pile.   The yarn is my old friend Dani's Sunshine Yarn Merino Worsted  in Heirloom Tomato.  It's the perfect shade of deep orange.  I found a truly addictive stitch pattern and created a cowl that - so far - can be worn three different ways.   I need to weave in the ends, take a few photos, and do some writing, but am hoping this can be on some of  your needles by the holidays.


What's On the Needles is some Valley Yarns Stockbridge from WEBS.   I hadn't even planned to begin this, but last night it just seemed like the right thing to get going on, and by this morning, I'm already a couple of inches in!  I have plans to take Mary Jane Mucklestone's Craftsy Class on colorwork before I get to the green and light gray pieces of the design.  I've met Mary Jane out in the world, and it is not surprising she's a color guru, because she's someone who just radiates happy.  And her sense of design is kind of awe inspiring, so I trust her implicitly with my color education - and I'd better get started, right?   Luckily, I can work the straight sockinette portion while I watch and learn.  We'll see how that goes, but so far I'm loving the soft alpaca-wool combination going on.   And the fact that this stuff is $4.49 a skein.


What's Near the Needles are those two other skeins lying on the Sunshine Yarns Cowl in the photo above.    The brown is Green Mountain Spinnery's Capricorn - a bulky yarn that will soon be getting a bit of texture.   The purple is Blue Sky Alpaca's Worsted  Hand Dye, which I am always a sucker for.  It's getting  a lace and texture combo and buttons.   I expect these two will be showing up sometime in February, and I'll show you more once there is more to show.

Besides that, there is a bit of writing going on over here, a Knitting Sleepover tonight (ha - more on that later!), and a school play next weekend, followed by  Big Thanksgiving.  So much fun, I can barely contain myself. 


My girl Amy  likes a real drink, so I'm thinking of making something with whiskey or bourbon tonight.   
There's a collaborative project in the works, so we'll need a few,  right?  

Horse's Neck

2 oz blended whiskey over ice
ginger ale
lemon rind, peeled in a long strip and hung on the edge of the glass


Lori in Michigan said...

that orange lovely looks addictive indeed! Sign me up!

Sandra C said...

I was just thinking I needed a cowl. Great timing!

AntiquityTravelers said...

you know me and green ... that last color there - YUM

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're so productive! I have a problem with finishing things >.< That cowl looks like a great christmas gift.. are you going to release the pattern?

Suze said...

How do you like the Stockbridge yarn? I've always been tempted to try it.

Thea said...

Suze, it's so soft and wearable. I'm only a swatch plus a few inches into the sweater itself, but I feel like this is going to make a really wearable fabric. And I like the feel of it. Think it will pill very minimally too.

Suze said...

Thea, good to know! Now I'm even more tempted to buy some.
BTW, I'm madtownmama on Ravelry and have done several test knits for you...just in case you didn't make the connection with my blogger name :)

Thea said...

I totally didn't! Blogger just gives me "Suze".... Hi :)