Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just checking in as I have a half hour before running out.   

Sometimes I find that a half hour is just enough time to waste, and not enough time to get anything done, you  know?  So here I am, posting instead of doing one of the thousand other things that might be a better idea. 

Anyways,  since this weekend was already hugely packed with Stuff,  one of my oldest and favorite-est friends who lives far away was in town for a conference.   As luck would have it, she could stop by and spend the night on Friday and I could send Craig to help with Oklahoma wardrobe for the Friday show and miss the performance, since Maya was third cowhand from the left in that one.  Phew.

So I got to hang out with her and we  made these. 

Pear-Lavender Gin and Tonics

2 oz gin
2 oz of pear nectar ( Goya pear nectar comes in a single soda-sized can at your supermarket)
Add ice to glass
fill remainder of glass with tonic water
add 2 shakes of lemon bitters and stir
add a slice of lemon to the top
and last, take a few lavender petals and crush them in your fingers, sprinkle on top
 (culinary lavender is at any fancy supermarket, or a Savory or Penzey's if you're lucky to have one nearby!)

 We had them in front of the fire and spent the night catching up till Maya got back and filled us in on the first performance.   It was another Girls Gone Mild Evening, and it was great.


Anonymous said...

mmmm that sounds awesome! and very classy :)

Kristen said...

Now this is one I may have to try!

Kristen said...

Wait, where's the gin?

Thea said...

It's there, don't worry!