Friday, January 25, 2013

As promised,  the first in my series of collaborative knitting patterns! 

For those of you who may have missed the last post,  Mixed Drinks is going to be a series of designs.   Each one will focus on a specific element of the knitted piece, translated by myself and another designer.   The element(s) and guest will change each time --  although there may be a few repeat guests, since Amy and I are already plotting a sweater for Fall --  but the goal is to look at the different style and perspective that each of us brings to the table.  


My friend Amy Christoffers of Savory Knitting loves cables, detailed lace, and traditional details - such as shawl collars and leather buttons.   She's know for her perfectly crafted cardigans and effortless accessories, all with the right amount of slouch and the perfect mix of old school and modern elements.   With her talent in classic design and effortless slouch, lace hats seemed like an appropriate first drink for us to share!

Plus, we were together at Rhinebeck, and came across the perfect hat yarn.  We each chose a different Foxfire Cormo blend, in a light fingering weight.   Amy's hat is knit in their Camel Silk in a spicy brown, and I chose an Alpaca Lace in a hazy red for mine.  And I might point out here that I never, ever choose laceweight, but she works with it often and was right.   When doubled, this creates a really lovely fabric for a soft, light and slouchy hat - that still maintains a nice, tight brim.

My Manhattan features a classic twisted rib and lace motif, which gave a rounded, soft shape to the deep slouch.

I had some fun with the shaping along the crown, and created a little unexpected leaf and rib pattern on the back of the hat.  

 I love how the two designs work together - and we had a blast shooting them on the girls, who make a perfect ying and yang.   The blonde is Amanda's daughter Cadence, one of Maya's longtime BFFs.  Amy's Manhattan suited Cade's hip look just perfectly,  with it's deeper shape and great color, and mine was a match for Maya, with her classic earthy style and curls.    

For more photos and details on Amy's hat, check out  her blog, Savory Knitting


Some pattern details are below, and the rest can be found here on Ravelry.  
The Manhattan PDF, with both hat patterns, is for sale on the sidebar to the left or on Ravelry for $6.50. 

Yarn:        Thea’s:  Foxfire Cormo Alpaca Lace (doubled) [70% Cormo Wool, 30% Alpaca], 240 yds/2 skeins. Color: Amaryllis.     
                Amy’s: Foxfire Cormo Camel Silk [90% wool, 5% camel, 5% silk], 180 yds/2 skeins. Color:  Bittersweet.

Needles: Thea’s:  16” US#4/3.5mm circular for ribbing, #6/4mm for the body of the hat.
                Amy’s:  16” US#3/3.25mm circular for ribbing, #5/3.75mm  for the body of the hat.

Sizing:      Thea’s: hat is 18 (21”) around, 9” to crown.  Brim is tighter, but stretches when worn:  16 (18)”
                Amy’s:  hat is 12” to crown, 21” around.   

Gauge:     Thea’s:  Ea rep of lace = just under 3” wide, 3.5” high (larger needle). 1x1 ribbing = 6sts to 1” (smaller needle),blocked
                Amy’s: 24 sts x 30 rows = 4” pattern with larger needle, 26 sts x 32 rows = 4” stockinette with larger needle, blocked.


And the second thing we had a bit of fun collaborating on were the Manhattans themselves!  Her drink will be on her blog.

(Forgive the unintentional pun.  We chose the drink based on the colors of the yarn and the fact that we are both bourbon fans.)

 My Manhattan

2 oz bourbon
dash of angostura bitters
dash of sweet vermouth
orange peel (and a quick squeeze)
2 fancy maraschino cherries (these are  Luxardo cherries, which I got in a Haunkkah Cherry Sampler Pak from Zoe)

All hat and girl photos courtesy of Amanda Johnston, 2013!


Ness said...

I love this idea! I look forward to seeing more from this collection. These hats are adorable!

Ellen Mason said...

Love these hats -- can't wait to see what's coming, especially a sweater with Amy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are so scrumptious!!

Steve Berke said...

I enjoyed reading your work. I'll come back for more

Keep up the good work :) from TheStillery, a stuart bar in Florida