Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Plucky Sweater, in Karat Stix has been on the drawing board this week, and I'm messing around with images and swatches, trying to figure out what feels right for the yarn and the color and the season that's about to change.   

After a few hours of playing with my photos and my stitch dictionaries, I realized that I hadn't properly noted what I was looking at.

This photo had been in front of me for hours, I tell you  -- without ridicule!   (I was looking at the white eyelet number on the right, in my defense.)  But, seriously, a cropped Mickey Mouse sweater on a grown woman -- actually a, 99 lb model with a washboard stomach -- titled "Gut Feeling" and I hadn't as much as furrowed my brow at it yet?   Tells you I was engrossed, doesn't it? 

But my gut feeling after multiple yarnovers was that the Plucky Sweater needs some cables, and that's what it's getting today.  These little eyelets need to be on a drapier, more summery yarn, and that Mickey Mouse needs to be ironed on a full length tee shirt.  In my opinion, anyways.


And.... look what arrived in the mail yesterday.

A really lovely batch of  Shalimar Breathless that's going to become another Baileys.  When Kristi saw that Melissa had claimed the original, she offered me the chance to reknit my own.   In this gorgeous, deep purple called Byzantine.  I may have gasped when I opened the package.   Bailey's with Cassis?


Anonymous said...

The model does not seem happy about it either. It is like she drew the short straw on the assignment. She could use a Bailey's sweater to keep her warm. Love the pattern!

Evelyn said...

Your Shalimar Breathless in Byzantine is making me weak in the knees!

Seanna Lea said...

That sweater is ridiculous. You must have been engaging in some major tunnel vision to avoid snarking at that one almost constantly!

Lori Utley said...

. . . can't wait to see what becomes of the Karat Stix. I love that color!

Anonymous said...

I am so enamored of Breathless, I cannot even tell you. It is one of my favorite yarns right now. I have a skein of it that I'm using as a carrot to force me to finish a few things :P

Hilary said...

The mickey mouse shirt....I can't even. Seriously?! I'd like to know who's actually wearing that piece. Hilarious you were so engrossed that you didn't notice it! I hope the swatching has been going more smoothly!