Saturday, May 04, 2013

 First, congrats to Pixiewear (Rav name), whose name Zoe picked out of the comments to win Amy's book. 
PM me on Ravelry with your address and info!

And second, one more post about Amy - well Amy and me, really.   And some Plucky Knitter Plucky Sweater Yarn. 


Many of you already know that we've been friends for a bit.  She lives just down the road from me and we get together to chat about things -- including knitting and design  --- pretty often.   So, last month when we sat down for lunch, we had to laugh when we realized that not only were we working on projects in the same Plucky yarn without knowing it, but we'd also inadvertently chose the same ribbing treatment for our sweaters!

Funny right?   But our design similarities end there and I love how we each interpreted the same yarn and ribbed detail so differently.  

  Amy's Aislinn is a tailored cardigan with delicate lace details and a waist tie that adds to the feminine feel of her design.   Worn with a full skirt and shot in a gorgeous garden, the feel is decidedly ladylike, and as with all Amy's designs, the attention to detail is perfect.   


 My Cape Cod is a classic boatneck pullover with bold, symmetrical lace details on both front and back and an easy, comfy fit.   It was designed with jeans or shorts in mind, for wearing after the sun goes down at the beach.  I shot it simply with a pop of earring color and denim.   And if you know the two of us,  the jist of each speaks to what we do in our lives, and to how we each wear our clothes. (ie.  Amy has an actual day job to wear that skirt to.  Me, not so much.)

 Both  are designed with special attention paid to fit, we carefully choose the details we felt would work on different body types in each sweater, and we wrote both patterns so that you can modify them as needed to flatter your shape.  

But again, we each came to the table with different ideas.  Aislinn features seamed construction, a more fitted silhouette, and is easy to modify using the principles in Knit to Flatter.  Cape Cod is a looser, more casual design.  It's worked from the top down without seams, so modifications can be done as you knit and have the option of checking your fit while trying the sweater on.  

Amy and I have compared and contrasted our designs and personal styles before, but it's fun to see it before our very eyes.   
Honestly, I think both are lovely sweaters, knit in gorgeous yarn - and both are versatile enough to be worn with jeans or with a skirt in one's wardrobe, but I do think that the look and feel of our photos, the choices we've made about the elements to use, and how we've used them are fun to see. 

And we aren't the only ones playing with Plucky Sweater .  Look what else showed up on my Ravelry page today!  
Kirsten Kapur just released one more interpretation of Plucky Sweater in this lovely cardigan .


As a knitter, you don't have to choose.  Just buy enough yarn.

PS:  All the photo credits here are family related!  I took mine of my sister, Kirsten took hers of her daughter, and Amy's husband shot Amy. :)


Emily Scott Banks said...

Another similarity? Both went into my queue faster than greased lightning.

Anonymous said...

Love both your blog and Amy's in fact own a lot of your patterns, however it is HEARTBREAKING when you come out in a new sweater knitted in a yarn that is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get the yarn - don't understand that at all........

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,

I know that Plucky can be hard to purchase, but for those of you who miss the updates, there is a destash thread in the Plucky Ravelry group that often has sweater quantities up for grabs! And if all else fails, lots of people choose to sub with Mad Tosh, and their sweaters do look lovely :)

Katja said...

All three are beautiful designs, and I love how differently you have worked with the yarn. Great job to all of you!

Evelyn said...

As I wrote on Amy's blog post, this was such a lucky coincidence for fans like me!

Kirsten said...

Aw, thanks for the shout out Thea!
I love both yours and Amy's sweaters. Then again, that is no surprise, I am a huge fan of both of you. Wish I lived closer and could join in on some of those lunches.

Sandra said...

Love this post--and love all the sweaters. I can't possibly keep up, but sure am having fun trying :).

Hilary said...

I loved this post! I love the diversity in this industry, and seeing how people take certain elements or materials and fly with them and make them their own.

Seanna Lea said...

These are both gorgeous sweaters. I have to admit that I am slightly more partial to Aislinn, but I love cardigans and don't look as good in boat necks. Though to be completely honest with myself, I am way more inclined to queue anything in that shade of red. I love it so much!