Monday, June 03, 2013

And a little something for all of you.  

It's The Plucky Knitter's 6th Anniversary this month!  Sarah loves nothing more than a little party, and I've been invited to help kick off the festivities.  Each day this week, we're choosing a different Plucky/BabyCocktails pattern from our collection of Plucky and BabyCocktails pairings over the years, and discounting it on Ravelry at 50%.   Plus, Sarah is having an update on Thursday, with sweater quantites of the perfect yarns, in tons of colors, to knit these babies up!

To start things, we thought we'd go right back to the beginning!   

Dark and Stormy, our first collaboration:

50% off till midnight tonight with the coupon code PKANNY1.

Check back in my Ravelry group for details on the next ones - there will be a different code and pattern each day this week! 
Plus, I'll put the info about the Plucky update there too. 


Mini said...

Your code isn't working

Meredith MC said...

I couldn't get it to work either.

Thea said...

give it another try and make sure you are using the capital letters. I have plenty of transactions both before and after your emails, so maybe it was a temp glitch?