Saturday, June 29, 2013

 A quick pop in before we run out for the day.   I know I've been absent on the boards and am a little slow answering email this week, but it's that time between end of school and beginning of summer activity and there's a lot going on around here.  

We had graduation from Middle School, complete with the dress and the shoes and the friends and the dance. Maya and her buddies have now learned that it's all about the shoes, which will be trouble.   (and the adorable dresses, but they really love the shoes)

There has been lots of  knitting --  I'm making some headway on a bigger project.   Actually a few bigger projects, but this one is at least photographable.    You'll be seeing a lot of Plucky this fall, and some more O-wool, a bit of Green Mountain Spinnery, a dressy holiday sweater in some gorgeous yarn from Ball and Skein, some more SHELTER, and a new yarn dyed by a friend of mine called Duck Duck Wool 

So far.

And I'm playing with cables.  I'd forgotten how much I love dense, repeating cables.


Plus, I have a new drink for you, which I made up I realized the bourbon was all gone:

2 oz Applejack
6 oz ginger ale
juice of half a lemon
dash lemon bitters

Add ice to glass, and pour applejack, lemon juice and ginger ale.   Shake a dash of lemon bitters in and add lemon slice.


Off for run, then out to beach.   I promise to check in next week - with at least a drink, but maybe also a project....


Kristen said...

I look forward to seeing all your projects, esp. the dressy holiday sweater!

Awww, love those young ladies in their pretty shoes and dresses!

Seanna Lea said...

They all look so happy. I'm pretty sure I didn't look that happy at 8th grade graduation. I was wearing my mom's dress!

Sandra said...

Have fun at the beach Thea! Thanks for the yarnie shout out. Can't wait to see what you do with it :). (and p.s. how darling is that pic of the girls in their fab dresses, admiring their shoes?!)

Suze said...



Anonymous said...

The girl in the middle, her pink toes need to be stroking my dick until the cum bursts out