Wednesday, July 03, 2013

If you really want to be patriotic, you should just pour a drink to toast the Founding Fathers.   

At a time when the majority of Americans were farmers and some - if not all of these farmers distilled homemade spirits and beer using their own apples, corn and wheat, a little booze was definitely part of the day for the patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence.

George Washington made rye - he was likely the largest whiskey distributor in the nation at the time of his death in 1799 - and Jefferson was a bourbon man.   Harvard had its own brewery in the 1600s, and John Adams started the day with a draft of hard cider.   After reading this article, I'm thinking there was a great deal of drunken bravado involved when the Colonists got riled up enough to challenge old King George and create the US of A.


Anyways, in a more sober twentieth century, both creativity and moderation have entered the fold, and you guys expect an actual cocktail, right?  I dug this up from my blog archives - it's from waaaaay back in 2010.   Who knew I'd have blog archives?  Funny.

Independence Day.

Fill glass halfway with black cherry soda.
Add 2 oz vanilla vodka
Add black cherry seltzer almost to the top
Slice lime and squeeze, add two cherries
Add ice cubes and stir

The mix of the soda with the seltzer allows you to make this a bit less sweet, and if you want to take it back a notch further from Dr. Pepper, you can use regular vodka.  We, however, were going for a Dr. Pepper thing.    And I did like this one. 


I've gotta be honest, though.  For me, a hot day outdoors and a night at  the fireworks means beer.  I'm not worrying about ingredients when I'm out in the world and a cooler is involved, so something that comes in a bottle or can already is in order.

And in the heat, I want a light easy beer - like a Rolling Rock.

Just another week or so. 
My Rolling Rock is knit in Plucky Knitter Traveler Sport, color = Back 40.

Have a great holiday weekend and stay safe :)


Suze said...

Love it, can't wait for RR release!!
Think it would work in quince chickadee?

Thea said...

Will post gauge info soon and you can check!

jdonze said...

Next time you are in the neighborhood, (Michigan will be close enough), I'm buying you a "Naked" by New Glarus Brewery. Awesome summer beer: light and refreshing!

Hilary said...

Yes - the 4th of July is definitely a beer holiday, though the cocktail sounds AHmazing. Yum. (I'm also looking forward to the margaritas I'm pretty sure my sister in law's family will be bringing to tomorrow's block party. In giant vessels with spigots. Mmmm.) And that is a pretty back of a sweater if I've ever seen one!

Also, a belated congratulations to Maya on her graduation! The photo of her with her friends was adorable!

Sue T. said...

Rock & Roll beer! We used to buy the pony bottles (small) by the box, I think there were 16 bottles to the box. You're right, it's a great summer beer and I think it's because of the water. I'll look forward to seeing the Rolling Rock sweater - may even have to make it for old time's sake.