Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Black Tea for Maya, and a 7Up for Zoe.   Done in plenty of time before they need them.

Even on a hot summer day, both were willing to don them for pics.  They started out cute and cooperative.  Showing some sisterly love..

And it went downhill from there.  I eventually decided to go with the general craziness. 

Yep.  The big one was still trying here, the little one was far gone.

And in need of discipline.  It's a good thing school starts soon.  They might even miss each other.

 She gave in to the dark side as well.  I have multiple photo choices with tongues out, eyes crossed, and other generally lovely expressions.  

But I kind of like this....


Claudine said...

Nice hats!

My fav pic of my nephews is where they are making faces at each other.