Monday, March 17, 2014

It's been a while since I just popped in here just to chat.  But I've got nothing to release right now, a little time to kill, and a few things in the works, so that's exactly what I'm about to do.

Saturday was the Common Cod Fashion Show, and I was lucky enough to spend the day with a few of my good knitting buddies.  A little lunch before, a great dinner afterwards, and a sleepover with  the traveling designers made for a busy Saturday to Sunday.  Poor Melissa got dragged into the knitting world once again, but was patient and charming and nodded her head a lot.  She would have been happy to keep Maxfield as payment, but I think Amy wants it back.

As many of you know, we all do what we do alone, so having a chance to catch up and talk shop with people who understand why you can't stop petting the cormo, or are obsessed with that cable, or can't stop thinking about this neckline - is always a treat.  We had drinks, we caught up, we hung out. And it was really, really fun.

On Sunday AM, in pjs and  with coffee, I was even able to get a little advice on this Plucky cardigan that's been stumping me.  (It's way more done than this, but I only have this photo to share)  I put it on and explained all my options to Misa and Ellen and got some confirmation that I could be on the right track. Yay!  We'll see -- as I'll be trying out the winning idea later on this morning.

I also managed to see both my favorite babies named Louisa.  One was at the fashion show, and I may not have been able to put her down, even when it was my turn on stage.  This Louisa belongs to Erin and she is one of the most content people you will ever meet. 

The other Louisa has nothing to do with the knitting world, except that she arrived wearing a hat I made her. She belongs to Steph, and old friend who I have known since 7th grade.  She is always happy and we are all obsessed with her toes, which she likes to have out and available.

Between babies and knitting friends, it was a fast weekend!  The North Shore Yarn Crawl was going on in the background and those were great messages to keep seeing in the background.  I am SO happy that you all liked Paloma and Creme de Menthe and I cannot wait to see some of your projects start popping up.   Erin wore my Paloma in the fashion show and I have a feeling that she's going to own it before long - it's in her car right now, so I fear it could already be gone. I may have to make myself another - good thing it's made in bulky and knits up fast! 

And next, I am getting ready for one more event weekend.  In two weeks (April 4-7), I'll be traveling out to Portland Oregon for the Lantern Moon Retreat, where I'll be teaching my design workshop and participating in a talk with Gudrun Johnston about top down design.  The whole weekend of events sounds fantastic and I am absolutely honored to be a part of it!  

And while I'm out on the West Coast -- if you are local and can't make it to the retreat:   I'll be doing a trunk show over at Portland's Twisted on Monday, the 7th.  Right around beer-thirty!  I hear drinks will be served. 

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Ellen Mason said...

It was a grand grand weekend! I also loved comparing the many important items we keep in our pocketbooks and knitting bags. Thanks for the memories.

craftivore said...

Aww, you got some pictures, yay! A weekend to remember for sure, I had so much fun. Louisa IS the sweetest baby evah.