Wednesday, May 07, 2014

When five very talented knitters all have little ones around the same time and start talking to each other, very cool things get knit up.

And since Margaux HufnagelTanis GrayConnie Chang ChinchioKate Gagnon Osborn, and Melissa LaBarre are not only talented kntters, but amazing designers - they didn't stop at the knitting. They decided to combine all of their gorgeous ideas in a collection to share with the rest of us!

From Mama, With Love is that collaboration.  Each designer contributed 3 different knits they designed with their own child in mind, used their kids as models, and took their own photos - resulting in a collection that I think is extra fun, because it celebrates the personality and style of each of these ladies - and their beautiful children.

My first inclination was to match the kid to the mom.  (Right?)

Margaux's sense of humor shines through in James' Ferris Vest (an homage to the 80s movie) and Connie's talent with detail is apparent in the adorable flounce on the Velvet Hoodie.   I definitely see Kate's spot-on vintage sense in her daughter's perfect ski sweater.  Melissa brings her love of mixing garter with lace to a sweet little cardigan for Stella.  And Tanis's way with modern classic design shines right through in this Callum Vest, accented with an amazing little man hat.

You can mix and match the sweaters above with the accessories below - and since you've seen the faces, you'll know which pattern goes with which designer already :)

So much fun.  More information about the individual designs and how to purchase the whole collection can be found here:

And since my business name came from the 4-6pm drinks my friends and I used to have while my babies were about this big, how about a cocktail to go with the collection?  I whipped a few of these up last night while adding strawberries to the table,  and REALLY liked it.

It does need a name, but for now, let's just say..... FOR Mama, With Love

3 oz bourbon  (I'm generous, 2 doesn't cut it)
.5 oz agave syrup
.5 fresh lemon juice
sliced strawberry
soda water

In a jigger, combine about 3-4 ice cubes with bourbon, agave, lemon and about half a strawberry.  Shake for about 30 seconds and pour into smallish glass.   Add a splash of soda water and a proper slice of strawberry.  You can adjust the bourbon/soda/lemon as you need to.  Enjoy!

I also think this would be good if I added a leaf of basil into the jigger, but did not get to try that yesterday, since I was whisked away soon after this photo to buy patio furniture.

Furniture shopping is, by the way, so much more fun after a drink or two.


Bridget said...
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craftivore said...

Gah, that cocktail sounds amazing! I have made a very strategic mistake and started my spring cleanse this week, not realizing it conflicted with Mother's Day and the NHSW. wtf. Anyhow, I would love to rub shoulders with you gals while you swill. Are you going? Once I'm done, it will be time for a cocktail.

Thea said...

Oh yes, Misa! We already counted you in on the beer pavilion, so get ready :))

Will email you the deets.

Dayana Knits said...

FOR Mama With Love could be a whole book of well-deserved drink recipes!!

Great pattern collection.