Tuesday, June 10, 2014

There is a line about the biggest hurdle to success being the ability to show up in the first place, available and ready to go.  Of course, I can't remember it right now, but if I could, it would be a totally appropriate way to begin a blog post about last weekend, when I decided to show up at Squam Art Workshops. 

Actually, I didn't decide.  I was emailing back and forth with my friend Amy on Friday morning and she included the sentence, "Any desire to just drive up to Squam on Saturday and check it out?".   YES.  And as I thought about it, I realized there was really no reason this couldn't work.  My family members all had things they could do, my car worked, and the drive is less than 2 hours away.  I picked up the phone and within moments, Amy and I had Travelocity (or something like that) up on our screens, confirming a Squam-adjacent room for one night.

Our little motel was kind of perfect, and made for a lovely Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning on the beach with snacks and drinks and knitting.  I can even justify it workwise, since Amy and I have a few things in the works and we got to spend a little time on them.  Plus, I picked up a little Fibre Company Canopy for an upcoming collection, got color advice straight from Jared Flood on a BT sweater I have on my mind, and bought stitch markers (much needed) from the lovely Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Co.    So really, I kinda HAD to go.  

I'd been hearing about this retreat for years, sighing over the photos of porches and cabins and rustic rooms full of sparkling lights -- and inviting docks and sparkling water.   And even though we were at the actual retreat for just one evening, the magic I'd seen in all those photos absolutely translated.

Here was the walk into the Art Fair - candles in giant ice blocks and a thousand twinkly lights (of which you only see a few in this pic).  So many beautiful things for sale, and more importantly, all the lovely people who make those things.  Plus, all of the other people who make things - Elizabeth, who makes the entire event happen - the Ravelry crew who makes the "space" that allows us to be together time and time again, friends who make yarn and designs that inspire me  (and you) constantly, and the retreaters who love and make all of the things that inspire them.  Knitting, sewing, jewelrymaking, writing, pottery, photography - you name it.  It's a bit overwhelming and it fills me with that lump in my throat that comes from knowing that it's all part of something bigger.  Something beautiful and earthy and connected - and based in what we do with the things we love to play with.  And I was only there for a bit of socializing on Saturday night!  Is it pathetic that I'm waxing all poetic about it after a few hours (and a few beers) or does it just speak to what Elizabeth has created?  I'm going with the latter.

I ended my 26 hour trip by spending Sunday afternoon in bustling downtown Ashland where we found a restaurant that sells vintage magazines and a thrift shop featuring both R2D2 and one of the dudes from ZZ Top (He's looking down here so his beard and shades are hidden, but trust me on the resemblance.)  was a nice way to start the drive home.  So, pretty much it was an all around win, yes?

I'm so glad I decided to show up.
And since Amy apparently liked the word:  #squannabee, highly recommended.


craftivore said...

#squanabee checking in here. Sounds like it was awesome, even with ZZ Top.

Elizabeth Duvivier said...


Knit Nurd said...

Ice blocks are so fun!! My ex husband used to make them for me each year to line our driveway for Christmas. They're so magical looking.
Glad you had such a great time and thank you for sharing the pics!