Thursday, June 05, 2014

It's been a little while since my last sweater, but Shaken and Stirred is just about ready to go!  Those of you who went to Grand Rapids for the Shindig saw a few of the test knits in the Fashion Show, and the rest of the test knitters are finishing up. I am hoping to release it next week  - and with all this extra time between designs,  I was able to knit a second version.  So -- if the colorwork original is Shaken, I'm thinking that the second one is Stirred.

I used the same instructions as for the first, except I went all stripes and my yarn quantities dictated a different collar.  It was great brainless knitting while I worked on other fall design swatches and ideas - and now there's more room on the yarn shelf, so I definitely derserve a drink, yes?

I realize I've been remiss with the Cocktail half of things around here - but rest assured there have been drinks.  It's only on the blog that I've been letting it slip.  Check out my Instagram (@theacolman) and you'll see what I've been doing in the cocktail department on most nights.  I find it's just easier to post there while mixing and making dinner than to take the photos and get back into the office here for a proper blog update. 

But I have a little time right now, and a few photos of what I mixed up last night, which was pretty good.  This particular drink came together thanks to both Facebook and my hairstylist.  (As they often are inspired by my travels in a given day, that's where I traveled yesterday.)

Early in the day, Laura Nelkin posted a photo of a rhubarb ginger syrup she had made, which she was mixing with seltzer - so of course, that led to a conversation about what else could be mixed with it, right?   I made myself some Rosemary syrup a week or so back, and it was so very easy and  great with a bit of gin and lemon, so I logged off Facebook with plans to get some Rhubarb at the Farmer's Market this weekend and get cracking.

Then I went to get my hair cut and my stylist started talking to me about his favorite summer cocktail, which also sounded crazy good.   It's based on a combination of pink grapefruit, mint and pear vodka.  The liquor store is conveniently located right down the street from the hair place, so I made a pit stop on my way home.  And since rhubarb and pear were on my mind, these came home with me.

I can call it the Tommy Nelkin (my stylist and Laura's names?) can't I?
In a jigger, combine ice w/ 1 part bourbon and .75 parts pear liqueur and give 3-4 shakes of the rhubarb bitters.  Shake and pour over ice.  Add a splash of soda and a few slices of pear.

I'm going to work on a version of that grapefruit-mint-pear thing too. But not today.

Today, I need to get back to this, which will be Zoe's sweater eventually.   She's been bitter ever since Maya got her Mango Smoothie, so keep your eyes out for her very own, a Shirley Temple, in a few months.   I am dying over the color of this yarn by Sandra of  Duck Duck Wool.  It's a deep red with subtle undertones of orange in it.  It might be the happiest yarn I've ever knit with - so it's kind of perfect for Zoe, isn't it?  :)


Sandra said...

That swatch has me hoping there will be adult sizes of Zoe's sweater, too! How gorgeous!!

Amy Freyman said...

I agree with Sandra, love the cables and the color is BEAUTIFUL!! I have been craving a DDW/babycocktails knit!

Ness said...

I love the colorwork! I can't wait to see Zoe's sweater. I definitely have to make Mango Smoothie for myself this year.

Laura Nelkin said...

What? I have a drink named after me? So honored! That sweater is lovely!!!!