Thursday, October 30, 2014

I went to Rhinebeck, came home, left for a weekend back in New Jersey, came home, and am now on my way back out to San Francisco!  It's turning out to be a nomadic few months over here.

So it makes total sense that my next pattern is tied to said travels, yes?

Pisco Punch is a fun and easy textured hat, designed specifically for A Verb For Keeping Warm's gorgeous Pioneer yarn.  The 100% organic wool is great stuff, dyed in-house and locally sourced.  My skein band lists the farmer, the farm, the year of the flock, and the year it was milled.  Amazing.

Balancing late Fall timing with the fact that I had one skein in stash, I went for a pre-holiday hat design.  Something easy and quick enough to use as a gift or wear yourself as the weather turns...

The organic wool is gorgeous itself, but when you use it in a texture that has both positive and negative spaces, it just works.  It's round and rustic and soft and almost pops in this motif.  I swatched and was in love.  The hat features a double ribbed brim that plays off the texture a bit more, and a simple gathered purl crown for a third layer.  All of the motifs are simple, so it's perfect TV knitting.

The design can be easily modified for depth or width if desired, and instructions are in the pattern if you want to do so.  All the details are on Ravelry - where you can purchase the PDF for $4.00.  

If you don't know about AVKW,  it's one of the most inspirational shops out there. I'm pinching myself that I get to do an event there...   Kristine has her toe in a few crafts - so she carries carry fiber, yarn, and fabrics dyed into gorgeous shades of everything right there in their own studio, with natural ingredients. They even have their own educational dye garden.  In addition, they also carry tons of other great yarns, fabrics and materials - including Plucky!

So, yeah - when I realized we were off to San Francisco, and I realized that my sister's house is about a mile away from AVKW, I sent an email to see if maybe there couldn't be some kind of a visit.  And there can!  I went for something casual and easy since it's supposed to be a vacation trip, but I was not going to pass up the chance to stop in and say hello!   Details are below if any of you are local --  I'll be there with a bunch of my designs, Kristine just updated the supply of Pioneer,  and Sarah has sent over a new box of Plucky to have available as well --- sounds like a great couple of hours to me!

I owe you a story and a recipe for Pisco Punch, the cocktail - and I have a special Halloween drink, but this will get waaaayyyy toooo long - so I'll be back tomorrow with a new post on those -- stay tuned!


Beverly said...

Gorgeous texture! I love that your yarn had the farm info on it--very cool!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Love this hat. I've always wanted to checkout AVFKW. I wish someone would realize that New haven needs a store like that!

Anna said...

Smakowicie i pysznie wygląda. Ciekawe jak smakuję?
Pozdrawiam :)