Friday, March 13, 2015

I really am a sucker for cables.  And when they're knit in a nice, round worsted like this beautiful Equus from Shalimar Yarns,  I just can't stop.  So my new Cognac hat pattern contains two designs, based on the same cable.   Because I just loved the mix of texture and flow on this one.

This version has a nice deep brim and a fitted cap shape:

The other features a little slouch and a pom:

And since this was a special design for Shalimarch,  the Ravelry code "Shalimarch2015" will get you $1 off the pattern price on Rav until the 31st!

All the other information and the test knits can be seen on the pattern page, here.


Peg said...

I stared Cognac But I don't understand the stitch count of 105 when the cable pattern repeats every 16 stitches. What Am I supposed to knit with the 6 extra stitches?