Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Or maybe just  new to me, but I hadn't heard of aged gin until a few weeks ago when a friend forwarded me an email.  And then another friend forwarded me an article.  And then Craig forwarded me the same article (everybody is so helpful around here).  So I figured I'd better get some.

I had to order a bottle and wait a week because my closest shops didn't have any, but I'm telling you it was worth it. 

It's gin, but better - deeper and smoother and just - better.  I'm not even sure how to properly explain how, but it just IS.  I literally opened the bottle when I got it and smelled it and had to have a sip right out of the bottle, right there in the shop.  Which is maybe not so classy, but everybody was OK with it and I did ask first if it was legal and alright to do so.  The guys were so OK with it that they each had a taste (in actual glasses because I'm the probably the only one allowed to drink out of my own bottle).  

And then the one guy who orders their stuff went straight back to the computer to get more in. 


I picked this brand out of the 5 that my shop could get because it seemed like the simplest marriage of gin and barrel.  Distillers are playing with all sorts of flavors and woods, so if you go searching for a bottle near you, read the label and description or any reviews carefully - some are going to be more floral or vanilla or have added spice in them.  This one does not.  It's coriander and lemon and orange and juniper - all things I like in my regular gin.

I've only begun playing with it - so far, a dash of orange or lemon bitters, paired with a slice of same is kind of perfect.   It also makes a really good martini.  And last night, it made an amazing gin and tonic - with rhubarb bitters, and lemon.

I'm told to try a Negroni next.  If you guys have other suggestions, tell me in the comments!

Also, I do kind of love the deep pumpkin/amber color of this stuff in the bottle, so I'll be on the lookout for some perfectly shaded Aged Gin sweater this fall...   I think this one may deserve a pattern down the road,  maybe something Grandpa Cardigan-y?


Vicki Knitorious said...

We were shopping for gin the other day and noticed a new & richly colored barrel-aged variety... mmm, we had Botanist on the brain so passed, but will definitely be trying it soon!

Beverly said...

I'm going to need a bottle of that. Have you tried a Scottish Pear? http://www.barnonedrinks.com/drinks/t/the-scottish-pair-14223.html

Anonymous said...

You are just the most helpful person I know.......Diane

BeckyinVT said...

My problem is I want to like gin, but I don't like the flavor of pine trees. When people like you talk about it, it all sounds so good!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Someone mentioned gin that had been "oaked" to me last week--but that didn't sound anywhere as fabulous as this. Maybe I should pay better attention! I can't think of any better combiantions that what you've mentioned. yay for The Granpa Cardi Aged Gin.

Mary Lou said...

I can't drink Gin, but I'm all over the color and the cardi idea.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of those lovely ladies in their knitwear. Would you know the pattern for the orange cardi?


Anonymous said...

The orange cardigan is Ellen's own Joan Fuller design - found here: