Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm so very proud to announce that I'm one of the four designers that Sundara chose to work with this year for her upcoming Petals Collection. I had been dying to work with her yarn ever since I saw a few skeins in a class I taught a while back, and now I really get the chance to do so!

The other three designers are Joji Locatelli, Veera Valimaki, and Kirsten Kapur, and I could NOT be more honored to be part of that list (or more terrified because, let's be honest - those ladies know their stuff!)

Each of the four of us is creating a design in Sundara's gorgeous Silky Cashmere base, and we got to work directly with her to create the custom colorways of our dreams.  It's been so much fun to think about color-design, as opposed to just design-design, and I could not be more excited about working with this amazing yarn, in my dream colorway, on this project, with these ladies. 

So, some details:

The Petals Collection - Cashmere Edition.
There will be four mailings, each including 2 skeins of silky cashmere yarn.  The color of the yarn will be the color developed for each designer and the pattern is included. Kirsten Kapur’s amazing design will be the first mailing in July and you can see the sneak peek of her design in the photo above.....

More details are on the Sundara website, so click here to find out more and sign up!!