Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mezcal is my sweater for when the days of Summer turn to Fall this year.  With an easy fit, a touch of (well, a lot of...) simple lace, and a classic shape that can easily be worn with either shorts, jeans or a dress, it's going to be a good one to grab when I go out the door....

Mezcal is a soothing project with a repeatable motif that makes for great travel and beach knitting.  Seamless construction means that finishing up just a few edges is easy and goes quickly.

And bold, vertical lines are always flattering.

I added a few details, like these little darts on the saddle shoulders....

and a ribbing that plays off the lines of the body, and deep cozy cuffs.

The undertones in Julie Asselin's Leizu DK are what really shine in this cardigan and she knows how to work the silk and wool content in this base for some beautiful combinations.  It's gorgeous yarn to work with - the silk adds just a bit of sheen and a rustic quality to the fiber, plus it takes the dye in some amazing ways, and is soft and warm to wear.  She's got five gorgeous colorways available - Satchel, Chesapeake, Aux Cayes, Blackberry Coulis, and I'm Blushing - right HERE especially for Mezcal, in case you want to try some of the Leizu yourself.  And there are  also a  number of select yarn shops in Canada, the US, and Europe that carry Julie's yarns. 

All the details and test knits can be found on my Mezcal Ravelry page, with a link to purchase the PDF for $6.50.  You can also find a link on the patterns page of this blog.

As for the drink itself -- Mezcal is a deep smoky tequila.  It's an amazing taste to mix into a cocktail. 

The deep smoky tones in the Satchel shade of the Leizu were the perfect excuse to play with it a little. And honestly, you can pretty much substitute Mezcal for anything you put tequila in - a Smoky Paloma is amazing.  And a Mezcal Margarita is also pretty good - especially when it's a watermelon or other fruit flavor.  However, this one recipe below, from Food and Wine's website -  is delicious.  I'm linking to the site since their drink looks way more attractive than the one I made, plus they should get credit for their concoction.

Maguey Sour

If you are thinking of getting a bottle for your home bar, I'll tell you right away, do a little research and don't buy the first bottle you see on the shelf that costs under $30.  The Monte Alban is not so good.   Here is a website with lots of different Mezcal reviews - or you can always just order a Mezcal drink at your local bar and leave the research and purchasing to them!

I hope you enjoy both - the sweater and the drink - maybe you can work on it while sipping something new and smoky ;)


Meredith MC said...

Another gorgeous sweater pattern!! I'm currently in the middle of a Dark and Stormy, in MadTosh Merino DK. It will be the perfect fall sweater. If I hurry, maybe I can have two perfect fall sweaters, as Mezcal looks like a great early fall sweater, while the d&s might be better for late fall here in the PNW. I love all your designs-I also have a Brighton Cowl on the needles.

Julie Crawford said...

That is absolutely beautiful!! Love the front bands, too.

RWL said...

Love it! Starting to get that itch that usually happens this time of year (I'm not a big summer knitter) and this may have to be my fall sweater project.