Friday, September 04, 2015

Thanks for the amazing response to Mezcal!  We ran out of yarn pretty quick when it launched, but Julie has just relisted sweater quatities in 5 beautiful colors on her website. And they are gorgeous colors, chosen specifically with Mezcal in mind...   Details on that are right here

Mezcal is part of a bigger project though, so even if you do miss out on this one, know that there will be more great designs and yarn from Julie in the pipeline.   She's partnered with myself and a few other designers who I love and we have a secret Pinterest page of inspiration photos and discussion. It's exciting and we've been figuring things out for a few months now!

The name of the project is All The Year, and our designs will be inspired by the seasons and the natural changes that come and go as the year progresses.

Mezcal was inspired by this image, as I wanted something for late summer and early Fall.  When the sun pokes through tall trees and makes the forest cool.  And since the leaves haven't all dropped yet, the remaining canopy creates a quiet, dark place to hide from the sun and shuffle your feet in the debris on the forest floor.   We live right near a reservation and hike often in the woods, and there is a spot in there that looks like this and I just love it.

The color of the yarn -  the vertical lines of the lace and collar - both were meant to echo this feeling of tall trees - and the shading in the brown yarn made me think of the different colors on the bark of the slender trunks.  The open lace and long lines of the sweater are also purposely vertical, and allow for peeks of the shirt beneath, as the leaves allow a for little sun to shine through.

It was fun to connect the project to the image and time of year - and I've already begun thinking about my late winter contribution to the mix.  In the meantime, keep your eyes out for more seasonally inspired designs and yarn from Julie (and the rest of us) as All The Year continues...


Alina said...

Gorgeous yarn! And this picture of the forest stole my heart! So beautiful!