Friday, November 13, 2015

Honestly, I was kind of surprised I hadn't already designed one.  A gin and tonic is one of my all-time favorite drinks and there's really no occasion when a cocktail is involved that I wouldn't be happy having one. 

So it seemed appropriate for this sweater, which I designed as a wardrobe staple.  And that has become a total go-to ever since it was finished.  It's soft, light, warm and goes with everything.

It's my go-to sweater for the rest of the winter.  I used the beautiful Hayden yarn from Lakes Yarn and Fiber, in a versatile DK weight.  This color - Heartwood - is dyed with subtle shades of cream and gray and it makes a gorgeous, sophisticated neutral.   Ami raises her own sheep out in Idaho, and dyes her gorgeous colors at the kitchen sink.  The work she puts into her fiber is obvious and it's really beautiful stuff.  She's updating the Hayden in her shop for this pattern, so look HERE on Friday 11/13, anytime after 10AM EST.

I had a little fun with detail - since I appear unable to work anything in simple stockinette.  A delicate texture is featured on the body, with long cozy cuffs and a deep hem.  (and yep, that's a ring on my sister's finger!)

Distinct cables line the sides of  the body.  At the hem, those cable tails flow into the ribbing - and at the armholes, they open up and slant outwards, creating the lines of the seam that runs up the yoke.

A really cozy cowl neck is perfect on a cold winter day, and in the DK, it's not heavy or bulky to wear.  Plus, the pattern has instructions to make a crew or turtleneck if preferred. 

As with all my other patterns, there are instructions to modify the sweater for depth or width easily, and bottom up construction means that you can check things as you go and be sure you like the fit of the final sweater before you finish it.

All the details and a few test knits are here on Ravelry, so for more information, go here.  The PDF is available for $7 either on the pattern page in Rav or here on the blog. 

As for a Gin and Tonic (the drink), my favorite thing is to play with one.  I almost never make a simple combination of gin, tonic and lime.  That's good too, don't get me wrong.  But the refreshing fizz of a G and T is kind of a blank slate for me.

A few ideas, if you want to play too, are below:

Add a dash or two of  bitters is wonderful and they come in so many great flavors that work with gin - lemon, graperfruit, celery, orange, or rhubarb - just to name a few.

Pour a splash of grapefruit juice, apple cider, or lemon/limeade in there.  

Muddle a little something at bottom - apple, orange, lime, lemon, pear or cucumber are all yummy.

Smush a few herbs and throw them in - dill, rosemary, or basil are my favorite gin partners.

And don't forget the gin itself -  there are so many kinds out there, and they each add their own flavor to the drink.  My current favorite is aged gin - shown below.  It adds a little depth to the flavor - which is perfect as the weather gets cold.


So here's the basic "recipe" - and then add whatever you like -

Start with a tall glass.
Put a few ice cubes in there.
Add 2 oz ice-cold gin (I keep mine in the freezer)
Then pour in 6-8 oz of tonic (make sure it's good and fizzy.  Flat tonic can really kill the drink.)



SecondStory Loft said...

This is a gorgeous sweater and I love the neutral color!

janna said...

This is gorgeous - I love the texture! (And your sister's ring is pretty, too!)